Whether it’s nostalgia for Central Perk or your passion for a perfectly-brewed cup of joe, starting a new business is a fun and exciting endeavor.

It can, however — especially if you are a first-time entrepreneur — be nerve wracking and confusing at the same time. From business plans to coffee roasters, questions abound and answers might be scarce. But just because you are diving into the unknown, doesn’t mean you have to set off on your journey unprepared.

Here at ShopKeep, we’ve got the backs of small businesses owners on a daily basis, and today is no exception. We’ve put together an easy 10-step guide on how to open not just any coffee shop, but a lasting and thriving establishment that will be the-place-to-be for years to come.

opening a coffee shop


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Sara Sugar is ShopKeep point of sale’s in-house Content Marketing Specialist. Sara uses her distinguished journalism background to boil down topics like POS system technology, payments, and payment security for small business owners.