Who uses ShopKeep? Life Disc Sports, in Rockwall, Texas!

Here at ShopKeep we admire those who do something different.  While many of you have never heard of disc golf (I know I haven’t until now), the competitive sport has actually been around since the 1950’s.  With similar rules to golf, in disc golf there is a hole in one, eagle, birdie, par, bogie, double bogie, and the list goes on… This Texas disc golf shop not only sells you discs for the sport, they’ll help you understand the game and work with you to create your own custom 9 or 18 hole disc golf course. They encourage creativity, fun and a good healthy dose of competition while playing this fast growing game.

Not only do they use the ShopKeep iPad POS system in their disc shop, they use it in the Life Disc Sports Cafe, where disc golf enthusiasts come to relax and prepare for the next round.  Managing multiple Registers with ShopKeep is easy, Life Disc Sports sees sales from each register in their ShopKeep BackOffice hosted in the cloud.  Using the secure iDynamo Credit Card reader for iPad, Life Disc Sports processes your coffee, muffin, and new disk sale on their iPad in no time.  We are proud to be a small part of the Life Disc Sports community!


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