The Intelligent Bakery POS System

Use ShopKeep to track your sales by item and department, manage inventory — even at the ingredient level — and stay connected with your customers.

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Ingredient-Level Insight

Avoid the hassle of manually tracking ingredients and baking materials. Every time you sell a cookie, cake, or pastry, ShopKeep will track the amount of sugar, eggs, or flour that was used, allowing you to know when supplies run low.

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Connect With Customers

Quickly capture customer info on any sale and analyze purchase patterns in the BackOffice so you can better understand and connect with your regular customers. Even keep customers up-to-date about special events and promotions.

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Manage Your Personnel

Use our built-in Time Clock to not only track and report employee hours, but to also make important staffing decisions based on information such as the average sales by day of the week or average sales by hour.

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See Why Our Bakeries Love Us

"We're on ShopKeep at the bakery. It's a beautiful thing to look on my iPhone and see hour by hour where my bakery is at. I can see how much money we made and look at the schedule and see if we have too many or too few people working at that time."
Small Business Secrets from Buddy the Cake Boss
Buddy, Carlo’s Bakery
Hoboken, NJ
"When I set up my store, I knew that I needed something completely reliable with support that was easily and freely available. ShopKeep has always provided that."
Tara from Sweethaus Cupcakes and Candy - Candy Shop POS
Tara, Sweethaus Cupcakes and Candy
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