Finally, a POS That Raises the Bar

ShopKeep offers a beautifully designed interface that’s speedy and easy-to-use to keep your bartenders in front of your customers instead of in front of a POS.


Point of Sale that Works

Never worry about downtime with ShopKeep. Our stable and reliable point of sale system equals fast transaction speeds and consistent volume. Don’t worry about your restaurant losing money because of your point of sale crashing ever again!

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Track All Your Drinks with Inventory Management

Bars stock hundreds of different types of wine, beer, and liquor. With ShopKeep, you can know exactly how much you sell of each, even down to the raw goods that go into cocktails. It makes reordering supplies a breeze.

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Powerful POS at a Fraction of the Price

ShopKeep offers all the key features you need to run your bar on a reliable, secure, and attractive POS system. And with a cost of $69 per month (including award-winning customer care), there are none of the huge costs of a traditional POS system.

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Fast and Reliable, even at High Volumes

ShopKeep’s intuitive interface makes it easy to ring up sales, add drinks to existing tabs, and split checks in an instant. Even a crowded bar on a Saturday night is no problem for a system trusted by thousands of high-volume businesses every day.

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“My bartenders love ShopKeep because it’s quick and has drastically increased business for them. They’re able to serve our customers so much faster, and as any bar owner or bartender will tell you, the quicker you can get drinks to customers, the quicker they order the next one.”

– Dean, DJ’s on the Hill and DJ’s on the Blvd, Syracuse, NY