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Keep customers happy and lines moving quickly. ShopKeep is the easy and affordable answer for your food truck.

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Keep Lines Moving Quickly

ShopKeep is built for speed, efficiency, and reliability, offering a system you can trust during peak periods when customers are lined up around the block at your truck.

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Track Sales On-The-Go

With cloud-based reporting, you can track your sales from anywhere, anytime (including inside your truck!) and make adjustments on the fly. Track your top-selling items, peak sales times, and more.

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A System You Can Rely On

Never spend any time worrying about the reliability of your system, even when you have spotty internet. With ShopKeep, you can accept transactions under any conditions – even offline.

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“When we get busy it can be really crazy. It will be really quiet, then all of a sudden a huge line will form out of nowhere. Before, with our cash register, we’d struggle to process everyone and we’d have people leaving the end of the line. With ShopKeep, the system is so smooth and reliable that each transaction happens so much more quickly. The extra customers we put through every lunchtime means the system really pays for itself.”
Nena Sierra, Co-Owner of Palenque Food Truck
Nena, Palenque Food Truck
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Why Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Trucks Use ShopKeep

Food trucks need a reliable POS system that will never miss a sale, so it’s no wonder that the wildly popular Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream trusts ShopKeep to run all of their trucks. Learn more in this video interview with co-founder Ben Van Leeuwen:

Watch an Interview with Ben Van Leeuwen of Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream - Food Truck POS

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