Why ShopKeep is Ideal for Juice Bars

Juice bars need a point of sale system that’s simple to use, but adaptable to meet the unique needs of their business. ShopKeep POS software allows juice bars to track their entire inventory, including the raw ingredients that go into drinks and smoothies. Additionally, ShopKeep makes it simple to print barcode labels for pre-bottled drinks and monitor real-time sales from anywhere, all backed by award-winning customer care. 

Ring Up Sales

  • Train managers and cashiers in minutes

  • Customize your button layout and change prices effortlessly

  • Easily modify orders to account for different sizes and add-ins

  • Easily print barcode labels for any pre-packaged or pre-bottled products with ShopKeep POS LabelKeep

  • Take credit cards from any location with a mobile hotspot

  • Process transactions even when you’re offline, meaning you never miss a sale

Manage Your Business

  • Understand your profit margins and more with a wide array of reports

  • Track the hours your employees work with time clock functionality

  • Manage inventories down to the ingredient level

  • Track hard good quantities for items like bottles of water and drinking cups

  • Use our Reorder Report and order triggers to ensure you’re never out of stock

  • Monitor real-time sales from your smartphone

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"We use the iPad register as a line-buster. Being able to process transactions anywhere in the store makes a big difference to sales. We were also able to get the shop up and running in a couple of hours, so it’s easy to set up and start serving customers fast."
Shom, Juice Press
New York, NY
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