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With detailed inventory tracking and management, along with comprehensive sales data available anywhere, ShopKeep will save you and your liquor store time and money.

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Smart Inventory Tracking

Liquor stores must be effective in managing hundreds of unique SKUs. ShopKeep allows you to bulk upload inventory, customize your register layout, and then track quantities on hand in real-time based on your sales.

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Track Sales By Departments

Manage your inventory by department, so you can easily compare sales data for whiskey, vodka, rum, and everything else. Take it one step further and track sales by individual items, by hour, or even by cashier!

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Customize Your Checkout

With our simple interface, you can easily customize your button layout for the iPad, arranging similar drinks together. For larger inventories, you can print barcode labels and find items using a barcode scanner instead.

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"The people working the front lines love the new system. No more marking down every item sold. No need to train any new person in the arcane organization of liquor items by category. (“Is honey whiskey a straight, or a specialty?”) No need to know the category system to look up a price. No need to write down your clock-in and clock-out times. All of that is handled by ShopKeep."
Becky, Allen Retail Liquors
Becky, Allen Retail Liquors

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