iPad POS For Quick Serve Restaurants Just Got Quicker

Only the best succeed in the service business. And ShopKeep is the best-rated iPad POS.

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ShopKeep interface

All the ‘classic’ functions, and more

Configure your button and screen layout for maximum speed. While you bang in the orders instinctively, you’re increasing sales per hour and profitability.

Offline use

Never turn a customer away

ShopKeep works even if the internet drops. Turn your point of sale into a money-making machine that’s always on.

Order print

Straight to the point

Send orders to the specific printer (and staff member) you need. Speed things up, and save your voice!

Detailed orders

There are no tricky orders…

Just bad point of sale systems. Detailed item modifiers take even the most complicated order in a couple of taps.

ShopKeep tells you the full story

It gets busy in quick serve, as if you didn’t know! There’s no time to step back and see the full picture, and with ShopKeep, you don’t need to. While you focus on keeping your customers happy, ShopKeep is keeping track.

Detailed reports

Fine tune your items

ShopKeep tells you which items are driving your business, and which are losing you money, with detailed reports.

More about analytics

Inventory count

Down to the last ounce

Our raw goods tools track every ingredient of every item, and tell you when you’re running low.

More about inventory

“Our sales grew nearly 300% month-over-month when we started, and we hit profitability within just 3 months. We have our eyes set on expanding this business and ShopKeep is helping us do that.”

Jessica, Boom Juice
Dallas, TX

Technology to skyrocket profits

ShopKeep iPad ShopKeep Pocket app on an iPhone iPad

Work/life balance

ShopKeep Pocket™ app allows you to keep track from anywhere. With this free app you’ll always know how your business, or businesses, are doing in real-time. Check key info (like daily comparisons) at intermission, half-time, during the commercials, or hey… Take a day off!

Great job today!

Serverless Sync™ automatically updates all checks across all registers in real-time. What does this mean to you? Speed.

Ring in your customers with an iPad mini while they wait in line. The new check will sync instantly to the main register. When customers reach head of the line, all they need to do is pay.

Manage like a boss

With ShopKeep, it’s never been easier to manage your hard-working team.

Staff time clock

Time is on your side

ShopKeep’s built-in time clock will keep track of your staff’s hours. Painless payroll for the win.

Shift reports

Great job today!

Staff can open and close their shifts in a couple of taps. When they’re done, ShopKeep provides shift reports so you can identify your all-stars.

“I love being able to see my sales data in real-time and understand exactly what’s happening at my store. ShopKeep allows me to make smarter decisions based on accurate information and reports that are always immediately available in my BackOffice.”


Turn customers into familiar faces

Since ShopKeep offers email receipts, your email list is about to skyrocket.

Customize email receipts

Emails are more powerful than you think

With ShopKeep, you can customize email receipts to include new offers, your social pages, or whatever else you want people to know.



ShopKeep integrates with MailChimp so you can launch powerful (and beautiful) email campaigns to all your ideal customers.

Gift cards

Gift cards are mini billboards for business

ShopKeep makes it simple to sell and accept gift cards, so you can bring some of this considerable revenue through your doors.

Payments, your way

ShopKeep Payments™ offers clear, competitive pricing with no long-term contracts. You can even get customized rates for your business.

Your money is good here

Accept cash, credit cards, gift cards, and Apple Pay. Plus, be prepared for the shift to EMV chip cards.

More about Shopkeep Payments

All the free support you need

Ever heard the expression ‘it happens’? Well, if anything ever hits the fan, don’t sweat it. We’ll be here.

ShopKeep Support

No stress setup

A ShopKeep expert will guide you through our system’s initial setup and answer all your questions. Soon you’ll be the expert.

Outstanding support

Outstanding support

Our US-based, triple Stevie award-winning support team is here for you for free 24/7/365. And 366 on leap years.

Customer success

Your success is our success

As you grow, you may need to add more equipment or integrations to streamline your business. We’re always here to answer the questions you need to keep growing.