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ShopKeep is the best-rated iPad POS because it takes the stress off your plate every day.

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ShopKeep Interface

Keep things nice & simple

Some people think of points of sale as slow, clunky and expensive pieces of equipment that they just have to put up with. That’s no longer the case.

ShopKeep Buttons

There’s ‘fast’, and then there’s ShopKeep

Our register works as quickly as your fingers can hit the screen! Customize ShopKeep’s intuitive register for optimum speed, then start blazing through transactions.

ShopKeep Details

‘Can I get it, like, burned but not cremated?’

Use ShopKeep’s detailed item modifier buttons and notes option to take even the most complicated order in a couple of taps.

Registers in Sync

All registers in sync

ShopKeep’s Serverless Sync™ technology automatically updates checks across all registers in real-time. Your team of servers can work in harmony from different stations, or between the bar and the floor, with no confusion or time-wasting.

Easy to Use

Easy from start to finish

Everything about ShopKeep is designed to put valuable hours back in your week: from the easy initial setup, to the smooth closing out process at the end of the night.

ShopKeep Expert

We’ll walk you through it

Our free customer care is available 24/7/365, and a ShopKeep Expert will walk you through initial setup.

Offline Use

The register that’s always ringing

ShopKeep even works without the internet so you’ll never miss out on a dollar. Take a big potential problem out of your life with a stable and reliable point of sale.

“ShopKeep is just so intuitive that I’ve never had to train my staff on it. I’ve literally just introduced everyone to the basics and they figure out everything on the front end really easily.”

Adam Flatt, Owner
Social Still, Bethlehem, PA

Analytics increase profit, and profit margins

ShopKeep provides the information you need to expand your profit margins. Grow your business by analyzing the cost of every plate that leaves the kitchen, or cocktail that leaves the bar.

More about analytics
ShopKeep Analytics

Keep tabs on your business

ShopKeep’s intelligent check management allows you to keep track of multiple checks at once.

Open multiple checks

‘Would you like to start a tab?’

Open numerous checks and update them as customers keep ordering. Bigger tabs mean increased revenue, so keep people ordering!

Split, merge, or transfer open checks

‘I’m gonna transfer you a check’

ShopKeep’s intelligent check management allows you and your team to split, merge or transfer open checks. Keep up with your customers!

“ShopKeep has given us a simple and easy way to track our growth and help us take Barsha to the next level. We doubled our sales from year 1 to year 2 and this system has not only helped us achieve that with our team, but has also made it easy to track important information like this as we continue to grow and improve the business.”

Lenora Marouani
Barsha Wines & Spirits Tasting Room,
Manhattan Beach, CA
ShopKeep Pocket App

Your business, on the go

Check how your bar or restaurant is doing in real-time from anywhere with ShopKeep Pocket™ App. How were sales between 3 and 4? Did today’s sales beat yesterday’s? Who is currently clocked in? Have all the answers in your pocket!

From new faces to familiar ones

ShopKeep knows how vital customer marketing is for bars and restaurants, so we make it easy.

Customize email receipts

Emails are more powerful than you think

With ShopKeep, you can customize email receipts to include new offers, your social pages, or whatever else you want people to know.



ShopKeep integrates with MailChimp so you can launch powerful (and beautiful) email campaigns to all your ideal customers.

Gift cards

Gift cards are mini billboards for business

ShopKeep makes it simple to sell and accept gift cards, so you can bring some of this considerable revenue through your doors.

Inventory has never been easier

While you spend time focusing on keeping your customers happy, ShopKeep is keeping track of every single ingredient of every item sold.

Detailed reports

Fine-tune your items

ShopKeep tells you which items are driving your business, and which are losing you money, with detailed reports.

Analyze inventory

Nothing left to chance

By analyzing your inventory, you’ll even be able to tell whether your bartenders are pouring correctly or not.

Inventory running low

Ingredients for success

Our raw goods tools track every ingredient of every item, and tell you when you’re running low.

“This isn’t a typical bar because we only serve signature drinks – from our own alcohol that we distill in-house. Our top sellers report really tells us what our customer tastes are and which cocktails are preferred. The ones at the top of this report get placed on our “signature list”, while less popular ones may be featured from time to time. It really lets me hone in on exactly what customers are looking for and it’s been huge.”

Adam Flatt, Owner
Social Still, Bethlehem, PA

Payments, your way

ShopKeep Payments™ offers clear, competitive pricing with no long-term contracts. You can even get customized rates for your business.

Your money is good here

Accept cash, credit cards, gift cards, and Apple Pay™. Plus, be prepared for the shift to EMV chip cards.

More about Shopkeep Payments

All the free support you need

Ever heard the expression ‘it happens’? Well, if anything ever hits the fan, don’t sweat it. We’ll be here.

ShopKeep Support

No stress setup

A ShopKeep expert will guide you through our system’s initial setup and answer all your questions. Soon you’ll be the expert.

Outstanding support

Outstanding support

Our US-based, triple Stevie award-winning support team is here for you for free 24/7/365. And 366 on leap years.

Customer success

Your success is our success

As you grow, you may need to add more equipment or integrations to streamline your business. We’re always here to answer the questions you need to keep growing.