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Easily ring up sales, manage all of your inventory, and keep detailed sales reports with ShopKeep.

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Build Your Custom Register Layout

Customize your button layout to ring up sales more easily. Color code and arrange your items by flavor and size or simply print barcode labels and scan items at the register instead.

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Smarter Sales Reporting

With ShopKeep’s variety of sales reports, you get robust and detailed item-level sales data, along with tender breakdowns so you can track cash vs. credit transactions to understand your business better.

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Stay On Top Of Inventory

With a variety of e-liquids, kits, and more, managing inventory by hand at a vape shop is no easy task. ShopKeep tracks inventory in real-time, providing you with the information you need to maximize profits.

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“The things that I track most are which items are selling most frequently and my daily breakdown of credit card sales versus cash. As a sole owner, it is extremely important to receive my credit card sales the following day and ShopKeep processes and tracks all of these transactions.”
Dave, 2 Vapes
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