“The support that I received during my search was excellent, which was absolutely critical to my business, and one of the main reasons that I chose ShopKeep over the other tablet POS system that I was considering.”

– Dave P, Owner, 2 Vapes, Annapolis, MD

Simplicity and peace of mind

When David decided to go into business for himself and create 2 Vapes, he was searching for a POS system that was powerful enough to run a significant business with a large inventory, yet simple enough that even a one-man operation like his could get it off the ground. That is exactly how he describes ShopKeep:

“ShopKeep was incredibly easy to set up. I installed all of the hardware by myself in less than 3 hours and in less than a day, I had uploaded all of my inventory into the BackOffice. It is absolutely easy to manage and maintain, which is a huge time-saver for a one-man shop like mine.”

The advantage of having the best help and expertise

Searching for and deciding on a POS System can be a daunting task, especially for a first-time small business owner. David knew that he wanted to work with a company he could reach on the phone every time he called, so the personal assistance from his point of sale specialist, Evan, was a huge differentiator for David.

“The support that I received during my initial trial of ShopKeep was critical to the functioning of my business – and one of the main reasons that I chose ShopKeep over the other tablet POS system that I was considering. I like that ShopKeep is completely upfront and transparent about the pricing of their software and their bundled hardware offerings. It gave me confidence that I could trust Evan and the team to help me get my business started off on the right foot.”

Track all of the information that is important to your business

Whether it is tracking how many units of each item you have left in stock, or checking how much you sold in cash versus credit each day, ShopKeep’s ClearInsight® Reports allow you to track all of your most important metrics and make smart business decisions.

“The things that I track most are which items are selling most frequently and my daily breakdown of credit card sales versus cash. As a sole owner, it is extremely important to receive my credit card sales the following day and ShopKeep processes and tracks all of these transactions.”

The bottom line

David was searching for a POS system that was simple enough for one person to set up and use, yet powerful enough to give him all of the tools to run a successful small business from the start, and that’s what he’s been able to do at 2 Vapes by using ShopKeep.

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