Dogtown Coffee Replaces Revel With ShopKeep

“ShopKeep offers the same capabilities at a fraction of the cost, way better support, a simpler layout and user experience, and without the big software licensing fee upfront. Our staff likes using the register and I love the way the back-end works.”

– Corrie Corfield, Owner & Operator, Dogtown Coffee Co., British Columbia, Canada

About Dogtown Coffee

At the beginning of 2012, Corrie Corfield decided to open Dogtown Coffee in the small town of Okanagan Falls in British Columbia, Canada. At the time, the surrounding small business community was still recovering from the recession. Corrie had an interest in entrepreneurship and wanted to help foster a greater sense of community – and play a part in the revitalization of the neighborhood. She saw Dogtown as a place where people could stop in for a fresh brew and socialize with their friends, engage with the friendly staff, and spend time with other members of the town. Now nearly two years later, the success of that concept has led to a second location that offers food and more bistro-like options. Dogtown even participated in America’s Best Coffeehouse competition last year. After using Revel Systems as their point of sale system for just four months, they decided to switch to ShopKeep for both locations.

The distinction between ShopKeep Customer Care and “support”

If you’re operating a quick-serve business, chances are you’ll encounter scenarios where you’ll need POS support. Corrie experienced first-hand, the difference between true customer care and a support team whose aim is to just close a ticket.

“Revel seemed to do the job initially, but within a few months we had a number of issues with their interface and their overall level of service. Customer responsiveness was just not where we needed it to be – they weren’t supportive. While we could reach their call centers, they didn’t seem knowledgeable enough and they weren’t very helpful resolving issues on the spot. It’s tough enough running a fast-paced business and the contrast with ShopKeep couldn’t be clearer. Their customer care team has been responsive, friendly, and effective.”

Simplest iPad POS interface on the market

Because ShopKeep was created by a former small business owner, the design and user experience is beyond intuitive. It’s the kind of self-explanatory product that only comes from insights built up over years experiencing the problem you’re trying to solve. ShopKeep founder, Jason Richelson has started and grown multiple successful brick and mortar businesses, so he knows what you and your cashiers need to see at each point in the day. As a result, ShopKeep is quick, easy to use, and above all, intuitive.

“With a fast-paced business, you need an intuitive system. The Revel interface is really clunky in comparison to ShopKeep. We have a lot of part-time staff here and training them on that system until they were comfortable enough was difficult. ShopKeep’s button layout is really user-friendly. Also, the initial hardware setup compared to Revel was day and night – it was just a lot less equipment and less work involved.”

The bottom line

Despite the upfront capital and time already invested to get Revel in her shop, Corrie knew that it was not going to meet their needs long-term. Since switching to ShopKeep, she and her staff have seen the improvements and have been able to get everyone up to speed with the new system with minimal effort. Give it a test with our free trial below.

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