“ShopKeep helps us foster more personal relationships with our customers by allowing us to easily capture their information and better understand their behavior.”

– Stacey, Owner, GoodyTwos, Scottsdale, AZ

Knowing your business means knowing your customers

Like all great business owners, Donna and Stacey, the dynamic mother/daughter duo behind GoodyTwos, an artisan toffee company in Scottsdale, AZ, understand that building a business is about building relationships. And the best way to do that? Get to know your customers:

“ShopKeep allows us to enter information about each customer into our system. That way we can track their purchase history to better understand their behavior and develop programs just for them. Better yet, their name is always on the screen during checkout, so we get that great on-the-spot connection as well.”

Form, function, and the benefits of a sleek system

While customer relationship management may be one of the biggest benefits that GoodyTwos is seeing from ShopKeep, there’s no denying that the sleek and modern look of the iPad-based system is a nice bonus:

“ShopKeep allows us to showcase our brand in a new and exciting way. We’re about wholesome products showcased in a modern, fun light and ShopKeep adds an element of smart technology to GoodyTwos.”

The bottom line

GoodyTwos has seen a major improvement in its relationships with customers since switching to ShopKeep. Their customers think it’s “super cool” and it visually reinforces their brand in-store. These factors have resulted in an increase in customer loyalty, repeat foot traffic, and strong revenue growth.

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