“We make Colombian food with a Brooklyn twist that we want to share with as many people as possible. We love ShopKeep because we can rely on the system itself and the people behind it to help us do just that.”

– Nena Sierra, Co-Owner, Palenque Home Made Colombian Food, NYC

A POS system you can rely on

Nena Sierra is the co-owner of Palenque Home Made Colombian Food (and maker of what might just be the world’s finest arepas). Almost as soon as she was set up, Nena started to see the benefits of ShopKeep for her food truck business:

“When we get busy it can be really crazy. It will be really quiet, then all of a sudden a huge line will form out of nowhere. Before, with our cash register, we’d struggle to process everyone and we’d have people leaving the end of the line. With ShopKeep, the system is so smooth and reliable that each transaction happens so much more quickly. The extra customers we put through every lunchtime means the system really pays for itself.”

Customer care that’s always there

Like most small business owners, Nena knows that her bills keep coming regardless of how her sales are doing. That’s why she needs a POS provider she can rely on – come rain or shine.

“One of the big things for me was the support I received after Hurricane Sandy. I  must have spoken to ShopKeep customer care 10 times that week and they were always available and always ready to help. It’s really important to know that I have that support. I like the fact that ShopKeep pushed on through – just like we had to.”

The bottom line

Nena’s business is a high-volume, fast-paced environment and she needs a reliable point of sale system that can keep up with the pace. With ShopKeep she can bust through long lines quickly with a sleek and intuitive interface. What’s more, if she ever has an issue, she can rely completely on a Customer Care team that’s as dedicated as she is.

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