“ShopKeep has given me the ability to create consistent growth and profitability and the reporting to prove it to investors.”

– Matthew, Owner, SCRATCHbread, Brooklyn, NY

From wholesale to retail, getting started

SCRATCHbread started out as a wholesale bakery, creating rustic, artisan baked goods sold at stores and restaurants around New York City. It wasn’t long, however, before the enticing aromas escaping from the storefront bakery became too much for the locals to ignore, and they urged Matthew, the founder, to start selling retail. He complied:

“I started the retail window for the locals who asked for it, I never thought it would take off like this. My cash register was a little steel box and we wrote out the order tickets by hand and clipped them all together at the end of the day. That was my business reporting.”

Retail growth and the power of point of sale

Despite all the excitement around the new retail business, Matthew felt he could be doing even better.

“Here was this incredible opportunity to expand my business, yet I was limiting it by not having a solid point of sale system. I was guessing at my inventory management and ordering raw goods on my best hunch. I had no accurate record of sales and profits.”

That’s when he turned to ShopKeep.

“I saw how simple it was to get started and to get complete and detailed business reporting. I also liked that they were founded by a merchant like me, so they knew what I needed as a growing business with a pretty serious mission at hand.”

The bottom line

The data and reporting that ShopKeep provides has been invaluable to Matthew. He notes:

“I can now reorder raw goods precisely based on the inventory reporting ShopKeep provides; it’s no longer guesswork. Plus, I’m now totally on top of my sales and I know what’s working well for the business.”

ShopKeep has been central to the phenomenal growth of SCRATCHbread. Matthew sums it all up:

“I upgraded to ShopKeep and got great business reporting from a company that truly cares about my success.”

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