Social Still Makes Its Historic Entry With ShopKeep

“We love to use Shopkeep to help organize our bar and distillery. It helps keep everything in one place. Whether it’s ringing up a bottle, some merchandise, or running the restaurant, our iPad and ShopKeep keep us going.”

– Adam Flatt, Owner, Social Still, Bethlehem, PA

About Social Still

Social Still is a bar, kitchen, and micro-distillery in Bethlehem, PA that has taken the traditional elements of hospitality businesses, and completely redefined the way that they’re executed. Owner Adam Flatt and his team have created an experience for their customers that is completely unique to those of other bars and restaurants. What’s more, Social Still is the first and only business to distill craft spirits in the Lehigh Valley since prohibition! This, along with several others factors such as a tailored approach to customer service, and specialty premium cocktails made from their very own liquor, have helped Social Still get voted as a top 5 cocktail bar in their town in just a few short months. Adam and his team look to continue their success and focus on their customers as they handle other aspects of the business with the help of ShopKeep.

Understand your customer tastes and tailor your menu

It’s amazing how many bar owners aren’t using actual sales figures to determine their top drinks to offer and promote. Adam uses his top sellers to determine what his customers favor and what to feature prominently on their menu.

“This isn’t a typical bar because we only serve signature drinks – from our own alcohol that we distill in-house. Our top sellers report really tells us what our customer tastes are and which cocktails are preferred. The ones at the top of this report get placed on our “signature list”, while less popular ones may be featured from time to time. It really lets me hone in on exactly what customers are looking for and it’s been huge.”

Training your bartenders just got a lot easier

It’s very rare to hear a bar or restaurant owner say that training their staff on the POS system was one of their simpler startup tasks. It’s even more rare when the bar doubles as a distillery and sells their own liquor. Adam has spent virtually no time getting his staff up to speed with ShopKeep.

“ShopKeep is just so intuitive that I’ve never really even had to train my staff on it. I’ve literally just introduced everyone to the basics and they figure out everything on the front end really easily.”

The bottom line

Adam’s primary goal is to provide an unforgettable experience to each and every customer that visits Social Still. By using an intuitive point of sale with just the right reporting tools, his bartenders can focus on their customers and Adam can spend more time planning strategically. Give it a test with our free trial below.

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