Zoomos, The Pop-up Shop With a Twist, Joins the ShopKeep Roster

“Our store is 90% locally sourced since we feature over 20 designers and artists. We needed an efficient way to keep track of all the sales that each designer makes, and ShopKeep makes it a breeze to do a monthly total of all their sales and share the reports with them. We can’t imagine trying to keep track of it any other way!”

– Justin Watwood and Eric Hernandez, Co-founders, Zoomos Pop-up Shop

About Zoomos

When Zoomos co-founders, Justin Watwood and Eric Hernandez decided to open their store, they envisioned a new kind of retail business – one that actually empowers and unites the community through art. With that goal in mind, they created a shop that serves as a platform for local artists, designers, and up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the eclectic Bishop Arts district of Dallas, TX. Zoomos is a pop-up shop that combines traditional retail elements with consignment, and doubles as a business incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs. Justin and Eric have allowed local entrepreneurs to become a part of their business and ShopKeep helps them keep everything together!

Take your business anywhere with ShopKeep Pocket™

How do you run a business while having a full-time career? Well, you need passion, great organizational skills, and the right set of tools to connect you to your business while you’re away. ShopKeep Pocket is that tool.

“Because we have full-time jobs away from Zoomos, we’re not always here. We use the Pocket app on our iPhones all of the time to stay on top of everything that’s happening while we’re away. We really like the new update on the app. It provides more detail for us now and covers everything that we need to know like the number of transactions and how many times a top item is sold.”

Retail and Consignment POS redefined

Finding the perfect retail POS system is tough; you’ll either find one with all of the bells and whistles but is outdated, or one that’s very modern but raw in terms of capabilities. ShopKeep features the robust reporting you need, while packaging it in a simple and easy-to-use system.

“When we were researching POS systems, we looked at several that were designed specifically for consignment. We learned that almost all of them were outdated PC systems. ShopKeep is modern, advanced, and colorful – fitting the decor of our store and giving us what we need from the reports. We’ve easily created departments to track artist sales, pay commissions, and share their sales reports with them.”

The bottom line

Justin and Eric took a common business and executed it in a very unconventional fashion. Zoomos has become the starting point for many new entrepreneurs in the Bishop Arts District. With the help of ShopKeep and the Pocket app, Justin and Eric have an effective way of ensuring that everything continues to run smoothly. Give it a test with our free trial below.

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