Simple &
smart staff

Pain-free payroll

Wave goodbye to guesstimations! ShopKeep tracks the hours your staff work, to save you time and money.

Easy come, easy go

Your employees clock in and out of their shifts in the ShopKeep app.

Secure system

Assign levels of access by staff member for peace of mind.

Instant info

You’ll know the hours everyone has worked at the end of each week.

Reporting for detail

ShopKeep identifies the staff worth their weight in gold, and those not pulling their weight.

Know your team

In-depth shift reports show who’s selling what and help you indentify your star performers.

Know your business

Identify the busiest hours of the week for your business so you can staff accordingly.

“I’ve found that ShopKeep is a really great fit for floristry because it has given us a lot of time back, and the more time that we can spend with our flowers, the happier our flowers are, and the happier our customers are.”