Integrations to supercharge your business

ShopKeep integrates with a number of powerful platforms. Boost your business by using these resources together with ShopKeep.

Turn customers into regulars

Sync your ShopKeep email list to MailChimp so you can launch powerful, stylish, and (most importantly) effective email campaigns easily.

Save time, automate accounting

Win back precious hours each week and ensure numbers are always accurate by sending your ShopKeep sales directly to QuickBooks every night.

Reward customer loyalty

Appcard is an integrated loyalty program that provides personalized offers, impressive reporting, and syncs with your ShopKeep sales data.

Reach a whole new audience

This is the percentage of Americans who purchase gift cards annually.

The percentage of those folks who spend more than the value of the card. Like those odds?

ShopKeep makes it simple to sell and accept gift cards, so you can bring some of that considerable revenue through your doors.

More about customer marketing

“Before I started my ice cream store, I worked as a software developer and I’m really impressed by how tight the integration is between ShopKeep and QuickBooks® . It’s intuitive and easy to map all your ShopKeep data to QuickBooks, so setup is a breeze.”

Chris McKellar, Owner
Love’s Ice Cream
Grand Rapids, MI