Integrations and Add-ons

Take advantage of ShopKeep’s flexible platform to work with great partners and get the most out of your POS system

QuickBooks® Integration
for Accurate Accounting

 Accounting is one of the most stressful and time-consuming parts of running a small business. That’s why ShopKeep allows you to automatically send all your sales data directly to QuickBooks® every night, saving valuable time and ensuring accurate numbers.

Increase Revenue with
Integrated Gift Cards

93% of American consumers purchase gift cards annually. 72% of them spend more than the value of the card. Use ShopKeep to easily sell directly integrated gift cards to your customers and bring some of that revenue to your business.

Use MailChimp for
Intelligent Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an incredibly effective tool for any small business. Automatically sync your ShopKeep customers with your MailChimp mailing list and use MailChimp’s powerful email marketing tools to keep in touch, send offers, and grow your business.

Reward Your Customers with
the AppCard Loyalty Program

Offer a powerful, integrated loyalty program to reward your customers and keep them coming back again and again. AppCard will help you provide personalized offers and impressive reporting that’s always in sync with your ShopKeep sales data.

“Before I started my ice cream store, I worked as a software developer and I’m really impressed by how tight the integration is between ShopKeep and SHOGO. It’s intuitive and easy to map all your ShopKeep data to QuickBooks®, so setup is a breeze.”

— Chris, Love’s Ice Cream

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