ShopKeep Payments

ShopKeep Payments™ takes the pain out of the Processing.

ShopKeep Payments is our fully integrated payment processing solution. Like all things ShopKeep, ShopKeep Payments is fully customizable, has transparent pricing, and no long-term contracts. And, of course, 24/7 support is all part of the process.

Saves You Time
Researching payment processing takes time and arguably an amateur degree in finance. ShopKeep Payments does the hard work for you, letting you get your payment processing and point of sale from one trusted source.
Doesn’t Tie You to a Contract
Just like ShopKeep point of sale, your terms with ShopKeep Payments are month-to-month, with no cancellation fees. That means we’re motivated to earn your business every month. No ‘set it and forget it’ here.
Saves You Money
ShopKeep Payments is a breath of fresh air in the world of payment processing. We offer clear and competitive pricing with customized rates for your business. There are never any hidden charges or cancellation fees.
Leaves the Decision to You
ShopKeep Payments is a great choice, but it is still a choice. We want you to know the benefits, so you can make an educated decision. ShopKeep will work with any processor you choose.

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