We’ve leveled the playing field for you.

ShopKeep’s job is to give you a point of sale so powerful, and so easy-to-use, that you can go toe-to-toe with the big boys. And we take our job very seriously. Let’s take back Main Street together, and earn you some cash in the process!

How to be a Main Street Champion (and get $150)

1. Share ShopKeep with a friend that needs an awesome point of sale in their life.


2. Your friend talks to a dedicated Point of Sale Specialist, to answer any little questions.

3. Your friend says ‘Where has ShopKeep been all my life?!’ and joins our growing family.


4. You get 150 bucks for the referral. What a great friend you are!

Join the fight today!

I refer fellow small business owners to ShopKeep because this is really one of the few systems out there that’s focused on us. Their POS Specialists answered every question I had and walked me through everything patiently – both times. You don’t get that type of friendly service from every company!

Hannah Schussel, Owner of Princeton Boutique, Princeton NJ