$150 and an Apple Pay ™ Reader (worth $249).

It has never been more rewarding to be a Main Street Champion. Let’s go toe-to-toe with the big boys together, and Take Back Main Street. If you refer a friend who then joins ShopKeep, you’ll get an Apple Pay reader AND 150 big ones. Sweet deal!

How to be a Main Street Champion (and get $150)

1. Share ShopKeep with a friend that needs an awesome point of sale in their life.


2. Your friend talks to a dedicated Point of Sale Specialist, to answer any little questions.

3. Your friend says ‘Where has ShopKeep been all my life?!’ and joins our growing family.


4.Congrats! You’re a Main Street Champion. Here’s an Apple Pay Reader and $150 for your troubles.

Join the fight today!

I refer fellow small business owners to ShopKeep because this is really one of the few systems out there that’s focused on us. Their POS Specialists answered every question I had and walked me through everything patiently – both times. You don’t get that type of friendly service from every company!

Hannah Schussel, Owner of Princeton Boutique, Princeton NJ