Hardware to match your hard work

ShopKeep’s hand-picked hardware is the perfect complement to our super software. The Garfunkel to our Simon. Like our software, it lets you work smarter without breaking the bank. Find exactly what you need (with our free guidance) to take the hassle out of your day, and put dollars in your cash drawer faster.

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Genius Hardware

Speedy, smart hardware at a low cost streamlines your business, and eliminates lines.


Future-proof payment

With ShopKeep, you can accept NFC (like Apple Pay™) and EMV chip card technology.


Free Deliveries

We’ll deliver every order (no minimum) to anywhere in the continental US for free.


Infinitely Customizable

Add exactly what your business needs right now, like a ticket printer (to save your voice!)


Free Troubleshooting (for life)

ShopKeep customer care is free, award-winning and available 24/7, 365 by call, email or chat.


1-Year Warranty

We’ll give you a 1-year warranty (and even overnight you the replacement you need).


Already a ShopKeep Customer?

Welcome back! Has the time come to add to your business’s hardware? Terrific! We’re always happy to help you find the hardware you need, as you need it.

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