ShopKeep vs. Square

Are you considering Square for your point of sale needs? There are some things you should know first.
See how ShopKeep compares and why you should choose a point of sale for the right reasons.


  • A merchant services company selling a point of sale product
  • Big company focused on many different products and partnerships other than point of sale
  • Offers limited phone support, including no weekend coverage at all
  • Will withhold your funds if they see a “suspicious” transaction. They have sole discretion and you can only process transactions through Square
  • Does not give you access to your own customers’ email addresses


“I stopped using Square because it wasn’t easy enough to program or to make changes to my menu, and I need to do it frequently. With ShopKeep, it is super easy to make changes to my item list anytime. My shop is a little unique in that I serve seasonal drinks, and bring on new flavors and roasts all of the time. Sometimes I notice a quick spike in demand for a particular drink and adjust my prices and menu. This system makes it easy for me to make those adjustments from anywhere.”

-Darrin Marion, Owner, Darrin’s Coffee, Indianapolis, IN

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