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Good help is hard to find. ShopKeep empowers growing independent businesses every day. Want to help? Sweet! We have a program just for you, and we’ll make it worth your while.

Referral Program


Help us help them! Solve your merchants’ Point of Sale needs, and earn $300 in April every time you do. The Referral Program is perfect for credit card processors, independent sales organizations, accountants, distributors, and more.

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Certified Partner Program


Do you oversee your merchants’ sales cycle end-to-end? You should become a ShopKeep Certified Partner! The CPP is ideal for point of sale dealers, value added resellers, Apple specialists, and much more.

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Your Merchants Can Run a Smarter Business with ShopKeep

Lightning-fast Transactions

Accept cash, credit card, gift card, mobile payments (and soon Apple Pay and EMV)

Robust Inventory Management

Track and manage stock all in one convenient place

Marketing Insights

Increase revenue by marketing to your top customers

Simple Staff Management

Track hours worked and identify star performers

Business Analytics

Maximize profits by understanding sales by item, hour, department and more

Award-Winning Support

You Get a Dedicated Point of Sale Specialist & Free 24/7 Customer Care

ShopKeep with Apple Pay and NFC Compatible EMV Chip Card Reader