QuickBooks® Integration Setup

Once everything is set up, visit QuickBooks® Integration: Advanced Topics for more important details.

ShopKeep integrates with Intuit’s QuickBooks® Online to sync shift data directly from registers to QuickBooks. This service is available only in the US at this time.

Watch our video on setting up QuickBooks integration below:

Table of Contents

Important Information and FAQ

Learn about the most important parts of the QuickBooks integration before setting it up.

Which version of QuickBooks do I need?

ShopKeep’s QuickBooks integration works with these versions of QuickBooks Online: Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus.

Note: The Independent Contractors version and QuickBooks for PC/Mac are not supported.

Can I use this integration with QuickBooks for PC/Mac?

No. If using QuickBooks for PC/Mac, sign up for QuickBooks integration through SHOGO. Visit the QuickBooks® via SHOGO support article for more information.

Can I use ShopKeep's QuickBooks integration internationally?

At this time, QuickBooks integration is only available to businesses based in the United States.

What information does ShopKeep sync to QuickBooks?

ShopKeep posts summaries of sales, returns, tender totals, sales tax, discounts, and cash drawer activity to QuickBooks.

Two journal entries and a sales receipt are generated per shift; for more information on what is included in each of these, visit this support article.

Historical sales data (from before enabling the integration) does not transfer over.

Which QuickBooks accounts does my data sync to?

ShopKeep creates several new QuickBooks accounts, each beginning with “SK”. Everything syncs to these accounts by default.

It is possible to change which accounts receive ShopKeep data; this must be done before anything syncs to QuickBooks. For more information, visit this support article.

Do I need to do anything to make my data sync?

ShopKeep sends data to QuickBooks every day at 4 am local time only after shifts are closed.

If a shift is left open, its totals will not sync to QuickBooks until 4 am the morning after its closure.

It is recommended to close shifts on a daily basis at the end of the business day.

How much does QuickBooks integration cost?

QuickBooks integration costs $29 per month and is billed at the same time as your normal ShopKeep subscription.

When you first sign up, you get a free 14-day trial. After that trial ends, you’re billed a prorated amount based on the amount of time left until your account’s billing date. Then, you’re charged the full $29 on your billing date and each thereafter.

I set up QuickBooks Integration. Now what?

Visit our QuickBooks® Integration: Advanced Topics support article to see how to view your journal entries in QuickBooks, properly account for gift cards / liabilities, and how to change your account mapping.

Nothing is syncing to QuickBooks. How can I get help?

Visit our QuickBooks Integration Troubleshooting guide for help solving some common problems. If that isn’t enough, contact ShopKeep Customer Care for further assistance.

How can I cancel this service?

1 Sign into BackOffice as account owner.

2 Click the arrow icon. Then, Manage Plan.

3 Choose Change Plan.


4 Change QuickBooks Integration to disabled.

5 Tap Update.


Sign Up for QuickBooks

If necessary, create a QuickBooks Online account. Disable all pop-up blockers before beginning.

1 In BackOffice, click Settings. Then, QuickBooks.


2 Choose Sign up now.


3 Click Try It Free to pick a version.


ShopKeep supports Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus, but does not support QuickBooks for Independent Contractors.

4 Enter your information and press Sign Up.

5 Choose Continue to Trial or Buy Now.


6 Enter your business info. Press Next on each screen.


7 Choose whether to Automatically or Manually track expenses.


Enable QuickBooks Integration

Link QuickBooks and ShopKeep to start the integration. Disable all pop-up blockers before proceeding.

1 In BackOffice, click Settings. Then, QuickBooks.


2 Select Start your free 14-day trial.


3 Press Add to My Plan.


4 Choose Connect to QuickBooks on the pop-up.


5 Enter your QuickBooks login information and press Sign In.

6 Click Authorize.


7 Select Create Accounts to finish up.

ShopKeep creates its own set of QuickBooks accounts. Do not delete or rename any account beginning with “SK” or data will stop syncing.


8 (optional) Update account mapping to change the QuickBooks accounts that ShopKeep syncs with.

This must be done before any information syncs to QuickBooks.