DYMO LabelWriter for Printing Labels

This guide covers how to export your inventory (Basic and Variant items) into a spreadsheet for label printing.

Check out our DYMO LabelWriter support video:

Table of Contents

LabelWriter vs. Label Printing

ShopKeep offers two ways to print labels to accommodate all our merchants, find out which you should be using.

DYMO LabelWriter Software

DYMO’s software designed for the LabelWriter series of printers. Use this if:

  • You’re using a computer with Mac OSX 10.8 or later, or Windows 7 or later.
  • You prefer to print your inventory from a spreadsheet.
  • You need to print items with variants.

ShopKeep Label Printing

ShopKeep’s in-house solution for printing labels. Use this if:

  • You want to print Jewelry Butterfly or 1″ x 1″ labels.
  • You’re using any recent Mac or Windows computer with the Firefox web browser.
  • You prefer to print directly from your BackOffice.

Check out ShopKeep Label Printing here.

Download Software, Templates, and Inventory

Before printing, you’ll need DYMO’s LabelWriter program, label templates, and a spreadsheet of your BackOffice Inventory.

DYMO LabelWriter Software Downloads

1 Download the LabelWriter version for your computer.

2 Open the file and finish installing LabelWriter.

Label Template Downloads

ShopKeep only supports using LabelWriter to print the DYMO labels listed below. The LabelWriter software does not print 1″ x 1″ labels. Buy your labels and download the appropriate LabelWriter template.

  • Bookspine
    • DYMO Barcode Labels – 1″ x 1.5″
  • Small
    • DYMO Barcode Labels – 1″ x 2.125″
  • Medium
    • DYMO Barcode Labels – 2.25″ x 1.25″

Inventory Spreadsheet Download

LabelWriter works off a spreadsheet of your BackOffice inventory, here’s where to get it.

1 Sign in to your BackOffice.

2 Visit Analytics > Exports > Stock Items


3 Download the .csv spreadsheet to your computer.


The Stock Items Export spreadsheet lists Basic and Variant items together. Items with variants are listed on individual lines just like Basic items.


Using LabelWriter

With all the files installed and downloaded, you’re ready to open and use DYMO LabelWriter.

1 Open the previously downloaded label template.

The template file will be named similar to: LabelWriter_[SIZE]_Label-Template.label

Use ShopKeep label templates for LabelWriter to make sure your labels come out perfect.

2 In the top left, choose File > Import Data and Print > New.

With the template open import new data from your store.

3 Choose Next on the Getting Started Wizard.

4 Choose Browse and open your inventory spreadsheet.


The spreadsheet file will be named similar to: storename_stock_items.csv

Printing Your Inventory

With your Inventory spreadsheet imported, map it to match the DYMO label template.

1 Check the box for “Use first row as field names”


2 Drag and drop Store Code (SKU) into the first field on the label.


Delete the space after Store Code on the label, or barcodes WILL NOT SCAN.


3 Drag the Price and Name fields onto the template. Enter the name of your business in the 4th box.


4 When finished mapping, press Next in the lower right.

5 Select the labels you want to print and click Print.


Uncheck the box for any items you don’t want printed or make duplicate rows for multiple labels.