MailChimp and ShopKeep Integration

Automatically sync customer contact information from ShopKeep to MailChimp. Get started sending email campaigns to improve your visibility and promote your business to customers.

Check out our MailChimp Setup video below:

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Mail Chimp Logo

MailChimp is a leading provider of web-based email marketing tools. Use MailChimp to email all your customers at once with the addresses you collect at the register. It’s the perfect complement to ShopKeep’s email receipt functionality.

First, sign up for MailChimp and link your account to ShopKeep. Check out MailChimp’s site to learn how to build email campaigns, manage subscriber lists, track results, and more!

Learn more about getting started with MailChimp here.

Sign Up and Integrate

To get started, sign into BackOffice and click Settings. Then, select MailChimp under Integrations.

Toggle between the tabs below to learn how to sign up for MailChimp and integrate your new account with ShopKeep.

Sign Up with MailChimp

New to MailChimp? Sign up is easy!

1 In BackOffice, click the Sign Up button.


2 Enter an email, username, and password. Then, press Create My Account.


3 Check for an email from MailChimp. Press the Activate Account button.


4 Enter your business information and click Save And Get Started.


5 On the MailChimp dashboard, Create a List.


7 Enter the required information and Save.


Check out the next tab to see how to Integrate ShopKeep and MailChimp!

Integrate ShopKeep and MailChimp

Once you’ve signed up with MailChimp, integration with ShopKeep is a breeze!

1 In BackOffice, click on the Login link.

2 Enter your MailChimp username and password. Then, press Log In.


3 Follow the steps on screen to create a list. Click Go To MailChimp.


4 In BackOffice, refresh the page, select your list and click Done.


5 And, that’s it. You’re all set.


Important Information and FAQ

View some of the more frequently asked questions. Click on a question for answers!

How much does MailChimp integration cost?

There is no charge to link your MailChimp account with ShopKeep.

Where do I edit customer information?

Customer information should only be edited in ShopKeep. The integration automatically syncs data from ShopKeep to MailChimp so you can continue to manage customers as normal.

Do I need to log in to MailChimp through ShopKeep every time to save or edit customers?

No. The login to MailChimp is a one time process. Once you’ve logged into MailChimp through ShopKeep, the integration is complete and syncs are automatic.

Does every customer who selects email receipts opt in to emails?

Yes, because you are capturing their email at the register and this syncs with your customer list in BackOffice. Your customer list grows every time you email a receipt to a customer.

How does a customer elect to not receive my emails?

A customer can click unsubscribe in the footer of any MailChimp email to opt out of receiving future emails.

I already use MailChimp and have multiple lists, can I use those as well?

Currently, you can only sync your ShopKeep customer information with one MailChimp list.

Does all customer information get synced to MailChimp?

Only your customer’s first name, last name, and email address syncs from ShopKeep to MailChimp. Any other data collected in ShopKeep, such as phone or notes does not get sent.

I'm having problems with MailChimp Integration. Where can I get help?

Visit our MailChimp Integration Troubleshooting article for help with some common issues.

How do I unlink MailChimp from ShopKeep?

Visit our MailChimp Integration Troubleshooting guide for the complete details.

Using MailChimp

Learn the basics of using MailChimp directly from the source! Click the links below for more information.