ShopKeep Beta

We’re always working to implement new features and improve reliability for our merchants with each update to the ShopKeep Register app. Before we release an update, we like to give some of our power users the chance to test it out.

Check out this article to learn how to be a great Beta Tester!

Table of Contents

Beta FAQ

Is the beta version reliable?


The beta release has been tested and should process your store’s data just like the publicly available versions before it. However, there may be some cosmetic or functional differences that we would like your feedback on.

What if something goes wrong?

Our award winning Customer Care team will provide every bit of assistance we can to resolve any problem you may encounter. You can email or give them a call at 800.820.9814 at any time.

How do I get the beta version?

Anyone can apply to be a Beta tester by sending an email to Depending upon what new features are being tested, our team may be looking for a specific type of merchant. If you’re accepted to the Beta program, you’ll receive a follow-up email. When you reply to that, we’ll send further instructions and confirm your participation in the program.

What if I have questions?

Just ask us! Our Customer Care team is available at 800.820.9814 and at

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to you.

In fact, if you are approved for the beta version you will receive a $25 discount per beta cycle for each register (up to 2 registers).

I currently use the beta, where do I send feedback?

Read this guide and if you are currently on the Beta and would like to give us some feedback you can send an email to

Are the updates necessary?

Being part of the Beta team means that you must update ShopKeep when a new version is available. This ensures that you’re up to date and can provide us with the most relevant feedback.

Beta Installation Guide

Anyone can apply to be a Beta tester: just send an email to 

If you’re accepted to the program, please read this guide and complete the installation steps below on each iPad.

2 Check your inbox for an email from Press Show Invitation.


3 Click Register to create an account.


4 Fill out the registration information and press Register to confirm.



5 Tap the link to continue.


6 Press Install to register your iPad.


7 Install the HockeyApp profile. Then, press Done.



8 Tap the ShopKeep app icon.


9 Press Install. Then, press Install again to confirm the installation.



10 Open the ShopKeep ß app. Sign in with your HockeyApp email and password.

Untrusted Enterprise Developer

Follow these additional steps if you receive an Untrusted Enterprise Developer error when you try to open ShopKeep ß.

1 Press Cancel to dismiss the error.

2 Open Settings and tap General. Then, scroll down and select Profiles.


3 Choose


4 Tap Trust. Then, tap Trust again to confirm.



5 Open the ShopKeep ß app. Sign in with your HockeyApp email and password.