ShopKeep Label Printing

Print labels right from the BackOffice on a Windows or Mac computer using the DYMO LabelWriter 450 or 450 Turbo.

Check out our video for setting up and using ShopKeep Label Printing:

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ShopKeep Label Printing vs. LabelWriter

There are two different ways to print labels for your items. Find out which is right for you.

ShopKeep Label Printing

ShopKeep’s in-house solution for printing labels. Use this if:

  • You want to print Jewelry Butterfly labels.
  • You’re using any recent Mac or Windows computer with the Firefox web browser.
  • You prefer to print directly from your BackOffice.
DYMO LabelWriter Software

DYMO’s software designed for the LabelWriter series of printers. Use this if:

  • You’re using a computer with Mac OSX 10.8 or later, or Windows 7 or later.
  • You prefer to print your inventory from a spreadsheet.

Learn more about printing with DYMO LabelWriter here.

DYMO Installation

First, connect your printer and load some labels; then, install the necessary drivers.

1 Click to download the installer for your Mac or Windows computer.

2 Open the package (.dmg for Mac, or .exe for Win) and run it.

The images below are for Mac. For Windows, please follow the prompts on your screen.


3 Proceed through the installation until successful.


4 Sign into BackOffice to start printing.

Printing Labels

With the DYMO hardware and software installed, choose an item in BackOffice to start printing labels.

Google Chrome and Safari no longer support the DYMO plugin. Use another browser, like Firefox, to avoid errors.

1 In BackOffice, click Items. Then, Item List.


2 Choose an item.

3 Click the tab for Label Printing.


4 Allow the DYMO plugin to run in your browser.

In Firefox, click Allow. Then, Allow and Remember.



4 Choose the Style and Quantity.

Square (1″ X 1″), Rectangle (1″ x 1.5″), Large Rectangle (1.25″ x 2.25″), or Butterfly.

5 Print to send the command to your connected printer.