Hardware FAQ

View answers to frequently asked questions about ShopKeep printers, card readers, iPads and more. Visit our Best Practices Guides to learn the best way to take care of your hardware.

Table of Contents

General Hardware

Where can I purchase ShopKeep hardware?

ShopKeep hardware can be purchased online from the ShopKeep Store.

Who can I talk to about purchasing hardware?

Contact a POS Specialist for help choosing the right hardware for your business.

How much does it cost to ship my hardware?

All orders to the continental United States ship ground for free, with no minimum order. We also ship to Hawaii, Alaska, territories, and Canada, but there are additional charges.

What does the hardware warranty cover?

The warranty covers hardware purchased from ShopKeep if it fails to function under normal use within 1 year of purchase. Physical damage is not covered under the warranty.

When will I receive my replacement?

Hardware replacements are shipped overnight.

Can I return hardware?

Send back the product(s) you are returning within 30 days of receiving the product to receive a full refund.

How can I exchange items?

Exchanges are similar to returns from the ShopKeep Store. Check out our exchange policy to learn how to swap a product.

Who can I talk to with questions about my order?

Contact us for questions about your order!

I already placed my order, can I add more items?

Once an order is confirmed, you cannot add items to it. Simply create a new order for the additional items.

Printers and Cash Drawers

What printers can I use with ShopKeep?

Visit our online store to view which printers are compatible with ShopKeep.

What kind of paper do I need for the printers?

Receipt printers require 3.125″ thermal receipt paper. Ticket printers require 3″ 1 or 2-ply impact paper.

Can I change the font or font size of receipts?

No, receipt fonts and font sizes cannot be changed.

Can I use a label printer to print barcodes for my items?

Yes! ShopKeep is compatible with the DYMO LabelWriter 450 and 450 Turbo label printers.

Where can I purchase labels for my label printer?

Visit the ShopKeep Store to purchase compatible labels for your DYMO printer.

Where can I order another set of keys for my cash drawer?

Give us a call at 866.300.9175 to order replacement keys for your standard or heavy duty cash drawer. You need to provide the 2 or 3 digit code imprinted on the drawer’s lock to order.

I received a replacement printer. How can I connect it?

Visit our printer setup pages for help setting it up.

How is the cash drawer powered?

The cash drawer is powered by the receipt printer, so no power cable is required.

Barcode Scanners

What barcode scanners can be used with ShopKeep?

Visit the ShopKeep Store to view compatible barcode scanners.

Can I connect my barcode scanner to a computer?

Yes, some barcode scanners can be connected to a computer via bluetooth. Please view your scanner’s user manual.

Can I use the on screen keyboard while I use the barcode scanner?

Yes, just make sure that the barcode scanner is in iOS Mode.

What kind of batteries does the scanner require?

The batteries required for the 7Pi and 7Mi models are AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries. 7Qi and 7Xi models require lithium ion batteries. Do NOT use any other batteries.

I lost the user manual for my scanner. How can I replace it?

User manuals for the barcode scanners can be viewed online.

Card Readers

What card readers can I use with ShopKeep?

Visit our online store for a list of compatible card readers. All models must be purchased directly from ShopKeep to work with the register.

I lost my internet connection. Can I still run credit cards?

Credit card transactions cannot be run without an internet connection.

How can I make sure that my card reader is connected?

Visit the register Control Panel and tap Hardware Setup. Select Card Readers to verify that the card reader is connected. If the reader is not connected, use one of our setup guides to get it working.

Networking Hardware

What networking hardware can I use with ShopKeep?

ShopKeep works well with most standalone routers. If you don’t have a router, we suggest using the supported R7000 Nighthawk.

What is the best way to set up my network?

Check out our Best Practices for Network Setup guide to learn the best way to set up your network.

Are there any networking devices that are not recommended?

Networking devices that are not recommended include modem / router combos and switches.

iPads and iPad Enclosures

Can I use an Android device to run ShopKeep?

No, you can only install the ShopKeep app on iPads.

Which iPad models and enclosures work best with ShopKeep?

ShopKeep works best on an iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3. For a list of all supported iPad models, visit our Best Practices guide. To purchase a compatible iPad enclosure, check out the ShopKeep Store.

What is the best way to take care of my hardware?

Visit our Best Practices guide to learn the best way to care for your iPad and iPad enclosure.