Reporting FAQ

Reporting provides insight into critical aspects of a business like sales and staff performance. This list of frequently asked questions focuses on different types of reports available in BackOffice.

Table of Contents

Sales Reporting

This section covers questions related to sales reporting.

Is there a sales tax report?

View total sales tax collected over any date range from the Analytics Dashboard.

How do I see tax collected by tax rate?

You can calculate the amount for each tax rate if items with the same rate are grouped into like Departments.

Export transactions by item from the Transactions Table. Sort the spreadsheet by Department and sum the Tax column for each Department.

Where can I find tip/gratuity reporting?

The Summary View on the Analytics Dashboard shows total gratuity collected. To calculate gratuity by employee, visit the Tips and Gratuity support article.

Print an X/Z report at the register for this same information.

Is there a report that shows discounts?

Yes, the Analytics Dashboard displays the total value of customer discounts. Use the Transactions Table to find discounts on individual transactions.

Is there a sales by category report?

No, there is only a Sales by Department report. To view sales by category, export the Transactions Table by item and sort the spreadsheet by the Category column.

Where can I find cost of goods sold and gross margin?

Open the Summary View on the Analytics Dashboard to see cost of goods sold and gross margin.

Can I see a summary of my sales by day?

There is no report that lists total sales by day over a date range. Use the Dashboard Comparisons feature on the Analytics Dashboard to analyze sales trends.

How can I figure out my total non-taxable sales?

Use the Taxable Vs. Non-Taxable Sales support article to separate out non-taxable sales.

Can I print old X or Z reports from BackOffice?

X/Z reports are only available at the register for the current shift.

Use the Shifts Summary to see open/close amounts, over/short totals, and other cash drawer information by shift. The Analytics Dashboard contains totals for non-cash tenders, discounts, tax, and all other sales data.

What gift card reporting is available?

The Gift Card Liabilities report shows issue and redemption totals for gift cards and gift certificates. If the business has ShopKeep integrated gift cards, log in to the reporting portal for additional reports.

Inventory Reporting

This section covers questions related to inventory reporting.

Where can I download an inventory report?

Export stock items to see price, cost, quantity, and the other details entered for each item.

Which report shows how much my inventory is worth?

The Inventory Value report displays the value of stock items and raw goods in inventory.

How can I find my inventory value for a certain date?

You must run the Inventory Value report on that date. This report cannot display the value of the inventory for previous dates.

How can I get an end of year inventory report?

Run the Inventory Value report or export your stock items on December 31. Each of these reports shows the current state of the business’s inventory.

Can I see when inventory items were adjusted?

Yes, those details are in the Adjustment History report.

Customer Reporting

This section covers questions related to customer reporting.

How do I see what a customer purchased?

You can view the past 90 days of a customer’s purchases from the Customer List.

Can I reprint or email an old customer receipt?

Yes. Download any receipt from the Transactions Table. Print the receipt to a computer printer or attach the file to an email.

Staff Reporting

This section covers questions related to staff and employee reporting.

How do I view an employee’s sales?

To see all of an employee’s transactions, filter the Transactions Table by their name.

At the register, you can print an X or Z report that contains their sales totals from the current shift.

Is there a labor report that I can use to do payroll?

No, but you can use the Time Clock to see each employee’s total hours worked.

Miscellaneous Reporting

This section focuses on miscellaneous reporting questions not covered in the sections above.

Which reports reflect Basic Items and Items with Variants?

All reports reflect Basic Items. View the Items with Variants in BackOffice article to view which reports support Items with Variants and which do not.

Can I adjust or change reports?

The only report a user can adjust is the Time Clock report. All other reports are not editable.

Can I print reports from BackOffice?

If a report has the option to export/download: export it, open the export in spreadsheet software, and print it from there. Otherwise, go to File -> Print on your web browser.

A report displays the wrong information. How can I get help?

Visit our Analytics Troubleshooting guide for help solving common reporting issues.