Setup FAQ

View answers to frequently asked questions that arise while setting up ShopKeep hardware, BackOffice settings and the iPad register.

Table of Contents

Account Settings

Who can I speak to about setting up a ShopKeep account?

Chat with a POS Specialist to get your account up and running.

Where can I download the register app?

The register app is available for download from the App Store.

How do I activate my register?

After you’ve downloaded ShopKeep, open the app and tap Activate your Register. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the activation.

How can I add additional registers?

Add additional register licenses from BackOffice in order to activate more registers.

How can I add employees?

Add employees from your Staff List in BackOffice.

How can I manage what my employees have access to?

Manage employees settings from the Staff List in BackOffice. Select whether employees have access to BackOffice, register manager and/or cashier privileges.

How can I set up my account to accept credit cards?

Contact us to set up your ShopKeep account for credit card processing.

How can I set up my account to accept gift cards?

Contact us to set up your ShopKeep account for gift card processing.

How can I send my ShopKeep reporting data to QuickBooks?

Link QuickBooks and ShopKeep right from your BackOffice. ShopKeep offers direct integration with QuickBooks Online.

I have 2 registers. Can I view checks on both?

Yes! Keep all registers in sync by using Serverless Sync™.

How can I set up my register to accept tips?

Set tip preferences in BackOffice under the Paper Receipt tab in Receipt Settings.

Can I have customers sign on screen and/or on paper receipts?

Yes, set signature preferences in BackOffice under the Paper Receipt tab in Receipt Settings.

Can I add tenders (gift cards, checks, etc.)?

Yes. Enable tenders from the tender settings menu in BackOffice.

Can I set up a customer list?

Yes! Add customers at the register, in BackOffice, or using bulk management to begin emailing receipts, tracking purchase history, and more.

What is MailChimp?

Integrated with ShopKeep, MailChimp is used to email your customers with news and promotional information. Contact information is automatically synced from your customer list.

Item Setup

How do I add items?

Add items to the Items List in BackOffice. For large inventory lists, try bulk importing.

How do I create Items with Variants?

Follow the steps on the Adding an Item with Variants guide to learn how to create Items with Variants.

Should I use modifiers or variants for an item?

When deciding whether to use Basic Items with Modifiers or Items with Variants, check out our Variants Vs. Modifiers article to determine which would work best.

Can I create open priced items?

Yes! You can set how prices are rung at the register from the item’s settings in BackOffice.

How can I add buttons to the button layout?

Buttons are added to the button layout in BackOffice from the iPad Button Layout page. Get Updates on your register to apply the changes.

Can I create more than one button for one item?

There can only be one button per item. Click to learn more about button layouts.

How can I move or remove a button from the layout?

Move buttons by clicking and dragging to the desired placement. To remove a button, drag it back to the item list above the button layout.

How can I add modifiers?

Modifiers can be added to an item by selecting the item from the items list, and clicking the Modifiers tab. Scroll through and enter modifier information.

What are Raw Goods?

Raw goods are materials needed to make up inventory items, e.g., flour, eggs, buns. Create and track them in BackOffice.

Hardware Setup

How can I find out what hardware is compatible with ShopKeep?

Visit the ShopKeep Store or Support for information about supported hardware.

How can I purchase hardware?

Check out our selection at the ShopKeep Store to see kit selection and supported products. More questions? Contact us for answers!

What are the steps to setting up my credit card reader?

Visit our Hardware Tips & Setup Guides page to select the card reader setup guide that pertains to your card reader model.

How do I set up my receipt printer and ticket printer?

Depending on which model printer you have, follow these guides to learn how to setup your receipt and ticket printers: Ethernet Receipt Printer, Bluetooth Receipt Printer, or SP700 Ethernet Ticket Printer.

How do I set up my label printer?

Follow the Dymo Label Printer Setup guide to learn how to set up your Dymo Label Printer.

Is there anyone available to help me set up my hardware?

Yes, Contact us and we’ll help you get set up!