Socket Barcode Scanner Setup

Set up the Socket barcode scanner so you can use it with your register. Charge the scanner, pair it with the iPad, and add your item UPC codes to BackOffice.

View our Socket Barcode Scanner Setup video below.

Table of Contents

First Time Setup

Socket scanners use rechargeable batteries (included) to keep your store’s operations moving for a full day.

Visit our best practices guide to learn how to care for the scanner.

Insert Batteries

This applies to the 7Pi and 7Mi models which include NiMH batteries. Scanners that come with lithium ion batteries (e.g. the 7Qi and 7Xi) are already inserted.

1 Turn lock so it’s horizontal & remove the panel.

ShopKeep Socket Barcode Scanner Setup Back

2 Insert included NiMH rechargeable batteries.

ShopKeep Socket Barcode Scanner Setup Battery

Charge the Scanner

Charge the scanner fully before using it. NiMH batteries can take up to 5 hours and lithium ion batteries may take up to 3 hours.

1 Plug the charger into scanner or charging cradle.

ShopKeep Socket barcode Scanner Setup Charge

2 Plug the charging adapter into a power outlet.

Pair / Unpair Scanner

Connect the Socket scanner to the iPad wirelessly via Bluetooth. 

Pair Scanner

Pair the Socket scanner with the iPad to begin using it at the register.

1 Hold the power button to turn the scanner ON.

To pair your scanner in iOS mode, print the command bar code and scan before proceeding.


2 Open Settings on the iPad.


3 Tap Bluetooth.


4 Toggle the switch to turn Bluetooth on. Then, tap the Socket device.


5 Wait for the Socket to change from “Not Paired” to “Connected.”

The scanner will remain paired with the iPad until powered off or disconnected.

Unpair Scanner

Only unpair the scanner from your iPad if you need to pair it with a different device or change the scanner’s mode.

1 Power on the scanner.

2 Press and hold the scan button.

3 Press and hold the power button.

4 Wait for 3 beeps then release both buttons.

Scanner Modes

Many Socket scanners support multiple modes. HID is the default mode for all scanners, but ShopKeep also supports iOS mode on many models.

HID Mode
  • HID mode comes default on all our barcode scanners.
  • This mode can be used to scan items in BackOffice on a computer or iPad.
  • It also provides a loss preventer: the app will beep when it finds a product in inventory as long as your iPad isn’t muted.
  • The scanner acts as a keyboard in this mode. If you need to use the iPad keyboard, double tap the on/off button on the scanner.
iOS Mode
  • iOS mode allows you full access to the keyboard in the ShopKeep app without having to double-tap on the scanner.
  • This mode requires ShopKeep version 2.5.0 or high.
  • It also provides a loss preventer: the app will beep when it finds a product in inventory as long as your iPad isn’t muted.
  • Command codes and instructions for iOS mode can be found in the manuals below:

Unscrew the battery compartment and look at the label inside to find your scanner’s model number.

Add UPC Codes

Add item UPC codes to BackOffice so you can scan them at the register. For large quantities of items, consider using Bulk Management to import UPC codes from a spreadsheet.

1 In BackOffice, choose Items. Then, Items List.


2 Click to edit an item. Or, add a new item

3 Enter or scan the item’s UPC code.

UPC codes must be 8, 12, or 13 digits in length and cannot begin with 2, 4, or 5.


4 Press OK or Save.


5 Get Updates on each register to sync the changes.