Best Practices for iPads & iPad Enclosures

Learn how to take the best care of your iPad and iPad enclosure with this Best Practices Guide!

Table of Contents


iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, & iPad Pro

Follow our tips to take care of your iPad so it lasts for years to come.

  • Use an enclosure with your iPad to avoid scratches and abrasions.
  • Before cleaning the iPad, unplug all cables and power it off.
  • Wipe the iPad’s screen with a soft, dry cloth to remove excess oils left by users’ hands.
  • Overcharging can reduce battery life. Charge the iPad only when needed and do not keep it continuously connected to power.
  • If cables and ports do not join easily join, they probably don’t match. Do not force them together.
  • Never open the iPad in an attempt to repair it yourself. Disassembling the iPad voids its warranty.
  • The AppleCare+ Protection Plan can be purchased when buying hardware from the ShopKeep Store. Visit Apple Support if your iPad requires repair.
  • iPad Enclosures

    Freeform Wooden Stand

    This 100% wooden stand is a beautiful and functional addition to your countertop.

  • Clean your iPad with a dust-free cloth before inserting it into the stand.
  • Keep the Freeform Stand dry. If it gets wet, wipe it down with a soft, dry cloth immediately.
  • Set up the stand away from extreme temperatures.
  • Simplicity iPad Enclosure

    The Simplicity iPad Enclosure is a sturdy and durable solution for storing your iPad.

  • Wipe your iPad with a dust free cloth before inserting it into the enclosure to prevent scratches.
  • To clean the enclosure, wipe it down with a damp cloth.
  • Windfall iPad Stand

    Durable and sleek, the Windfall securely holds an iPad and does not take up much countertop space.

  • Do not flip the stand for customers to sign the iPad screen. Instead, rotate the stand using the PivotTable.
  • Blackbelt Rugged Handheld Case

    Use the Blackbelt to prop an iPad up on a counter or use the strap to walk around with it. This case has a rubber layer that shields the iPad from damage if dropped.

  • Make sure your iPad is dust-free before inserting it into the case to prevent scratching.
  • Windfall iPad Frame

    This mountable frame securely stores your iPad. Use it to position your ShopKeep register on a wall or mount.

  • Wipe your iPad with a dust-free cloth before inserting it into the frame.
  • i7 iPad Handheld Enclosure

    Carry your register around your business in this lightweight portable enclosure.

  • Clean your iPad with a dust-free cloth before inserting it into the enclosure.