Bluetooth Receipt Printer Setup

Pair the 650II Bluetooth receipt printer wirelessly with an iPad to get started printing receipts. Connect a cash drawer to the printer so it pops open automatically when a cash transaction is run.

Table of Contents

Bluetooth Printer Setup

Continue below to start setting up the printer and cash drawer.

Once finished, visit our best practices guide to learn how to care for the printer and cash drawer.

WiFi Network Setup

The Bluetooth printer connects wirelessly to the iPad, removing the need for a WiFi connection. However, the iPad will still need Internet access for BackOffice and credit card processing.

Network setups vary, and some internet service providers may include a router/modem device. In lieu of an existing router, we suggest using our supported Nighthawk router.

Check out our Best Practices for Network Setup article for tips on optimizing your network for use with ShopKeep.

Pair the Printer with iPad

Physically set up the printer by connecting it to power and pairing it with the iPad so the two devices can communicate.

1 Plug the power cable into the right most port on the back of the printer.

ShopKeep Bluetooth Printer Setup Star Micronics 650ii power cable

2 Pull back the switch to open the cover, load the paper, and close the cover.

Paper must be loaded underhand as shown in photo below.


3 Plug the power cable into an outlet and flip the switch to turn on the printer.


4 Hold the PAIR button for 5 – 10 seconds until the LED blinks. Then, release it.

Have the iPad handy, you have 60 seconds to pair the printer!


5 On the iPad, open Settings and tap Bluetooth.

6 If Bluetooth is off, toggle it on.

7 Tap Star Micronics and wait for its status to change to Connected.


Cash Drawer Setup

Connecting the cash drawer to the receipt printer takes just a couple quick steps.

1 Plug the cash drawer cable (small head) into the printer’s DK port.

ShopKeep Bluetooth Printer Setup Star Micronics 650ii cash drawer cable

2 Plug the other end (larger head) into the bottom of the cash drawer.

ShopKeep Printer Setup Cash Drawer Cable Port

Connect to ShopKeep

Link the printer to ShopKeep after pairing it with the iPad so ShopKeep can print to the printer.

1 In ShopKeep, choose Hardware Setup from the Control Panel.


2 Tap Printer Setup.

3 When the printer appears under Receipt Printers, tap the switch to toggle it on.


4 (optional) Tap Test Print to confirm that the printer is ready and working.