DYMO LabelWriter Setup

Get your DYMO LabelWriter 450 or LabelWriter 450 Turbo connected and printing labels with this guide.

Check out our video below on setting up your DYMO LabelWriter and then our printing labels with ShopKeep Label Printing article.

Table of Contents

Connect Your Printer

Use the included cables to connect the printer to a computer & power outlet. Once complete, visit our best practices guide to learn how to care for the printer.


1 Put your printer near a Mac or Windows computer.

2 Connect the A-Type USB cable from the printer to your computer.

3 Plug in the printer to any available power outlet.


Your DYMO Printer will power on with a blinking blue light on the front, ready for label loading.

You can now print labels using Label Printing or print via LabelWriter (PC or Mac).

Load DYMO Labels

The DYMO comes with address size starter labels, you’ll need to pick up some DYMO Barcode Labels from our store to get started.

1 Open the top of the printer and remove the spool.

2 Separate the spool and load labels face down on the roll.

3 Feed the labels into the front of the printer. As far left as possible.


The printer will take and align the labels and the front blue light will turn solid. You’re now ready to print.

hardware dymo close loaded