Simplicity Stand for iCMP Reader Setup

Enjoy this sleek Simplicity stand, designed especially for your iCMP Bluetooth Credit Card Reader.

Check out our Simplicity Stand setup video below:

Simplicity Stand for iCMP Reader Setup

The Simplicity Stand arrives almost out-of-the-box ready, so setup is a breeze! Everything that’s included is shown below.


Shown separately above, your stand and insert come connected by a retraction cable.

1 Remove the backing from the insert to expose the adhesive.


2 Place the iCMP on the insert and hold in place for 10 minutes.


3 Apply the non-sliding feet to the corners on the bottom.

Or, use screws to secure the stand to a countertop.


4 Wait overnight for the adhesive to cure and the iCMP to set completely.

Setup is complete. The built-in retraction cable keeps the iCMP reader tethered to the stand.