R7000 Nighthawk Smart Wireless Router

The R7000 Nighthawk Smart Wireless Router is a great solution for setting up your WiFi network.  This article details how to get started; if you need to purchase the router, visit the ShopKeep Store.

Watch our R7000 Nighthawk Router setup video:

Table of Contents

Router Setup

Follow these easy steps to get started with your new router. Make sure you check out our Best Practices for Network Setup article for some important networking recommendations.


1 Remove the cap from each antenna. Screw the antennas into the posts on the back of the router.

For best performance, place the outside antennas at a 45° angle and make the center antenna at a vertical angle.


2 Turn off your modem by unplugging it from power.

3 Plug your ethernet cable into the yellow port on the back of the router and the other end into your modem.

4 Plug your modem into power to turn it back on and press the Nighthawk’s power button.


5 On your iPad, open Settings and connect to the router’s WiFi network.

The network name (SSID) and password (network key) are printed on the bottom of the Nighthawk.


5 Launch your web browser. The NETGEAR genie will automatically load. Follow the steps to connect to the internet.

Router Settings

Log into the router to setup or configure various settings: update your network name, change the WiFi password, create a guest network, and more!

1 Connect to the Nighthawk’s network from your iPad or another WiFi capable device.

2 Open a web browser. Then, visit: www.routerlogin.net.

3 Enter your user name and password. The default user name is: admin and default password is: password.


4 Welcome to the Basic setup page. This contains all of your settings, network status information, etc.


To change the router’s admin password, select Advanced > Administration > Set Password.


Creating a Guest Network

If you want to open your WiFi up to customers, create a guest network. Your customers will be able to access the internet without connecting to your secure private network.

1 On your Basic Setup page, tap Guest Network.


2 Check the Enable Guest Network box.

3 Name your guest network and press Apply to save changes.


Resetting your Router

If you run into any trouble during setup or while using your router, you can reset the router back to factory settings.

1 Use a paper clip to hold the Reset button for at least seven seconds. Wait for the router to reboot.