Setup for Tradeshows

Typically any type of business can set up at tradeshows or fairs. Here, the business is displaying a small part of themselves and is not at their usual location.

Table of Contents

Networking Setups

Tradeshows often have WiFi Internet provided. However, special setup may be required to get everything working.

Host Locations Offering WiFi

If your location offers WiFi Internet for businesses, configure the WN2500RP Range Extender to repeat the network and gain a secure connection.

1 Set up your WN2500RP Range Extender to connect to the nearby WiFi.


2 Connect your iPad to the extender’s WiFi network.

Host Locations with NO WiFi

No WiFi Internet available? Connect to a 3G/4G hotspot and use a Bluetooth receipt printer or run ShopKeep offline. Check your carrier’s coverage map before purchasing to make sure your hotspot works where you need it.

1 Set up your hotspot according to the manufacturer/carrier instructions.

2 Connect the iPad to the hotspot’s WiFi network.

Check out our Best Practices for Network Setup support article for additional setup recommendations.


Set Up Your Hardware

While hardware setups will vary from business to business, we’ve provided setup guides for some common setups. Got questions? Get an answer from our POS Specialists at 866 300 9174.

Quickservice Hardware

These business types handle high volume buy-and-go customers where food is purchased to-go.


Essential Hardware

1 Set up your Ethernet or Bluetooth Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer.

2 Set up your Ticket Printer.

3 Set up your Simplicity iPad Enclosure.


Recommended Extras

4 Set up a Credit Card Swiper.

5 Add a Cash Drawer Mount.

6 Add a case of Printer Paper.

Retail Hardware

Retail tradeshow business typically deal with high sales volumes of particular items or services.

hardware cashdrawer printer

Essential Hardware

1 Set up your Ethernet or Bluetooth Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer.

2 Set up your Barcode Scanner.

3 Set up your Simplicity iPad Enclosure.


Recommended Extras

4 Set up your DYMO Label Printer (with labels).

5 Set up a Credit Card Reader.

7 Add a case of Cash Drawer Mount.

8 Add a case of Printer Paper.

Questions or confusion while setting up? Reach out to a CustomerCare representative 24/7 at 800 820 9814.