QX Stand Setup

The Socket QX Stand keeps your scanner charged and rings up items automatically when a barcode passes underneath. The QX stand is compatible only with newer 7Qi and 7Xi scanners.

View our QX Stand setup video below.

Table of Contents

In the Box

The QX Stand ships with the parts and pieces below. Not pictured is the included charging adapter.


Stand Set Up

First, complete the physical setup of the stand.

1 Insert the cushion crown into the bottom of the holder.

The smaller part of the cushion crown should lead first into the holder.


2 Insert the post into the bottom of the holder.


3 Tighten the washer on the post until it’s locked in place.


4 Insert the MicroUSB cable through the bottom of the base.


5 Plug the MicroUSB into the port and fit the cable into notches on the post.


6 Fit the MicroUSB cover onto the holder.


7 Insert the post into the base with markers aligned. Push down and turn to lock.


8 Fit the MicroUSB cable into the grooves on the bottom of the base.


9 Plug the MicroUSB cable into the included charging adapter.

Please see your Quick Start Guide to set up the table mount and for additional information.

Scanner Setup

With the stand assembled, get your scanner ready to use. The QX stand works with newer 7Qi or 7Xi scanners (indicated by a metallic plate at the bottom of the battery door).

1 Pair the scanner with your iPad.

2 Scan the QR code for Auto Mode on page 15 of the Quick Start Guide.

3 Place the scanner in the stand, making sure the charging pins make contact.

The scanner beeps twice to let you know it’s aligned properly.