Using Raw Goods

Raw goods are sub-items used as components of things sold in your store. For example, if your restaurant sells Mushroom Burgers, creating and attaching the raw good “Mushrooms” helps you track how much of that ingredient you’re selling.

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Enable Raw Goods

Raw Goods aren’t enabled by default, but a quick visit to your BackOffice settings can fix that.

  1. Click 'Settings', then 'Inventory'.
  2. Check the box and click 'Save' to confirm.

Add New Raw Good

Raw Goods exist separate from your sellable inventory items. They’re created with their own tracking and management information and attach to sellable items.

  1. First, click 'Raw Goods'.
  2. Click 'Add Raw Good' to create a new raw good.
  3. Enter the necessary details for the Raw Good. Description is the only required field.
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  4. Save to finish the new Raw Good.

    Once created, attach the raw good to relevant items to begin tracking them.

Attach Raw Goods to Items

Since they can’t be sold on their own, attach a Raw Good to a regular item to begin tracking it.

  1. Choose 'Items' and select 'Items List'.
  2. Choose any item to receive the raw good.
  3. On the item, click to the 'Raw Goods' tab.
  4. Click 'Add a Raw Good' to begin.
  5. Enter a Quantity and search to select a Raw Good.
  6. Click 'OK' to confirm the new Raw Good.

Tracking Raw Goods

Since Raw Goods aren’t like other items, you’ll use the Inventory Value Report to see the state of all your Raw Goods at a glance, and use Adjust Inventory to replenish them.

Inventory Value Report

Find the inventory quantity, cost, and total value, in the Inventory Value Report accessible from BackOffice. This report has information for both stock items and raw goods.

  1. Choose 'Analytics' from the sidebar and select 'Value' (under Inventory).
  2. Click over to Raw Goods to see their values.
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    Here you can see the overall quantity and value of your Raw Goods if you’re tracking them.

Adjusting Raw Good Inventory

Adjust Inventory for Raw Goods like any other item. ShopKeep tells you how many items can be made with the quantity available.

  1. From the BackOffice, visit 'Items', then 'Adjust Inventory'.
  2. Type to search for your Raw Good.
  3. Click the Raw Good to select it.
  4. Enter a number and Add to or Replace the count.

    “Kits” represents how many of a Raw Good you have on hand, then adding the raw goods already tied to items.

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