ShopKeep v2.9.0 fixes the issue that is described below. Visit our Introduction to the iPad support article to learn how to update the ShopKeep app on your iPad.

iOS 10 & ShopKeep

On September 13, 2016, Apple is publicly releasing the iOS 10 software update. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT update your register device(s) until further notice.

With the iOS 10 update, we’ve discovered a connectivity issue between the ShopKeep app and certain linked credit card readers. We are working directly with Apple to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Please read below for more details and a workaround solution if you have updated to iOS 10 and are experiencing a card reader connectivity issue.

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iOS 10 Issue Description

Upon updating iPad software to iOS 10, the register app can lose connectivity with a previously connected MagTek iDynamo or Ingenico iCMP Bluetooth credit card reader. The lack of connectivity between the ShopKeep app and card reader is caused when force quitting the app or during an app crash. Once relaunched, the app will no longer detect the card reader and will default to manual card entry.

Affected Devices | MagTek iDynamo & Ingenico iCMP

To avoid this card reader connectivity issue, please DO NOT update your iPad to iOS 10 and visit our Best Practices guide to learn how to disable Automatic Updates.

What should I do if I updated my iPad to iOS 10?

If your ShopKeep app does not crash or you do not force quit the app, you should not actually see any issues. However, if one of those things does happen, your card reader will become disconnected. Not to fear though, as we’re here to help! Follow the steps below to get your card reader reconnected.

  1. Launch the ShopKeep register app.
  2. Press the iPad's Home Button to background / close the ShopKeep app.
  3. Open another app momentarily.

    Any app, like the Notes app, will do!

  4. Press the Home Button again, to send that app to the Background.
  5. Relaunch the ShopKeep register app.
  6. Verify the card reader is reconnected in the Hardware List.