iPad Settings for ShopKeep

The Settings app for the iPad also has ShopKeep settings to customize the app. Below are directions on how to get to these settings and information on how to control them.

Table of Contents

Opening ShopKeep Settings

1 On the main iPad Screen, tap the Settings icon.


2 On the left, scroll down to find apps, and select ShopKeep.

Use these settings on this screen to change the features as described below.


iPad Settings for Shopkeep

Once at the ShopKeep settings in the iPad settings, enable or disable the features described below.

Signature Threshold

The signature threshold is the amount that you decide when and if a customer needs to sign when using credit and can be set to a maximum of $25.

1 Tap on the line to select the number at which you want the threshold for credit card swipes.

2 Tap the blue Shopkeep at the top to return to main menu or exit settings.



Make customer email and names more private on the Shopkeep app. Change how customer names and email appear here.

Toggle off so customer name and email appear as entered at the register or in the BackOffice.

Toggle on so customer names appear with first name and first letter of last name and a partially masked email address.


Receipt Options

Toggle Always Print Receipt or Always Email Receipt settings on or off. Toggling these features on will check mark the boxes that appear at the end of the transaction just before you click Done.


Auto Sign Out

Set an automatic cashier sign-out. Toggle it on, set the time you want, and you’re done.

1 Toggle feature on.

2 Tap on a line to select the time for when screen automatically goes to sign in screen.

3 Tap the blue ShopKeep at the top to return to main menu or exit settings.


Transaction Complete

Toggle on or off the customer facing “Transaction Complete” screen feature letting them know that they are now done with the transaction after signing for credit sales on the iPad screen.

Register settings for signature must be set so customers sign on the iPad screen and signature threshold set to 0.

ShopKeep iPad Settings Transaction Complete Screen