Create custom discounts in the BackOffice and ring them up on the iPad Register.

Table of Contents

Create and Manage Discounts

Learn how to access discount settings, manage existing discounts, and create new ones.

Discount Settings

Visit Discount Settings to add new named discounts or change discount settings.

  1. From BackOffice, choose 'Settings' from the menu and select 'Discounts'.

Discounts Settings Page

The Discount Settings page displays all discounts and gives you the ability to change how transaction-level discounts are applied.

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Click an individual discount to view more details and edit it.

Selecting subtotal means discounts will apply based on the subtotal of the entire transaction, regardless if independent items are set to be non-discountable.

Selecting total of only discountable items means discounts will apply based on the subtotal of only the discountable items on the transaction.

Create a new Discount

Creating discounts in BackOffice make it easy for your employees to apply commonly used discounts at the register.

  1. From the Discount Settings page, choose 'Add Discount'.
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  2. Set the parameters of the discount.
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    Name | The name your employee sees when applying the discount at the register.
    Receipt Description | How the discount appears on your customer’s receipt.
    Type | Choose between making the discount a percentage or dollar amount.
    Amount | Percentage or dollar amount of the discount. Check open to have cashier decide at the register.
    Applies to | Choose whether the discount can be used only on individual line items, only on the total sale, or on both line items and the transaction total.
    Requires Manager | Check this box to require a manager to enter their code to confirm the discount.

  3. Click 'Save'.
  4. 'Get Updates' on your register to apply the changes.

Apply Discounts at the Register

Choose from a list of discounts to apply the right one for the sale.

  1. Tap the 'Discount' button on either the line-item or the transaction subtotal.
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  2. Choose from your available discounts.
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  3. If required, have a Manager enter their register code and tap 'Verify'.
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  4. Finish the sale as usual, the discount's Receipt Description will appear on the customer receipt.