Open Checks

Save a check to start a customer’s tab. Add items to it, then come back to it later in the shift to ring it up.

View our Open Checks video below.

Table of Contents

Open a Check

Save a sale with a name and/or time then start a fresh ticket for the next customer.

1 Add items to the ticket as usual.

“Would you like to start a tab?”

2 Tap Save to create a ticket for later.


3 Leave as Walk-in with time stamp, or name it by typing or swiping their card through an iDynamo credit card reader.


Tag a customer to the sale before saving to put their name on the ticket automatically.


4 Save the ticket and you’re ready to run a new sale.

The check, with the items on it are held until rung up, or the shift is closed.

Manage Multiple Checks

Visit Checks in your Control Panel to browse open tabs and sort between employees.

1 Tap or Swipe to bring up the Control Panel.

2 Tap Checks to view all the open tickets for that shift.


3 Choose any ticket to add, edit, or ring up items.

This screen shows you each check’s owner, running total, check name, and order duration.

Shopkeep software openchecks checks

4 Filter checks by tapping between All or Mine.


See advanced check management features in our guide for Split, Merge and Transfer.

Add to & Edit Open Checks

A re-opened check works just like the original, with a few additions.


1 The top left now shows the name of the check.

2 Greyed out items are already part of the tab. Discounts can be applied, or the items can be voided.

4 Choose a tender to ring up a check and close it out.


Tickets will clear out as they’re rung up and report as usual in your BackOffice.

Voiding an item from a saved check requires manager approval.

To void an item on a saved check, get manager approval.