Pay Ins & Payouts

Perform a pay in or payout to balance the cash drawer if you need to add or remove money from the till while the shift is open. Check out our FAQ for answers to common questions that come up when using the register.

Pay Ins & Payouts

Table of Contents

Make a Pay In / Payout

Perform a pay in whenever you need to add cash to the drawer. Payouts are for when you have to remove cash from the drawer.

  1. Sign into ShopKeep as a manager.
  2. Tap the menu icon and choose 'Pay In / Payout'.
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  3. Select a type of pay in or payout.
    • Safe Drop is for making cash deposits from the till into a safe or bank.
    • Payout is for any general reason for removing cash from the drawer.
    • Pay In is used when you need to add money to the drawer.
    • Buy Inventory is for using money from the drawer to purchase supplies or ingredients.
  4. Enter an amount for the pay in / payout and press 'Continue'.
  5. Enter a comment (optional) and tap 'Done'.
  6. Tap 'No Sale' on the Control Panel to open the drawer and add / remove cash.

Pay In / Payout Reporting

The Pay Ins and Payouts report in BackOffice shows details for each pay in / payout performed over a period of time. Pay in and payout totals can also be found on the Shifts Summary and on X/Z Reports.

  1. Click 'Analytics' and select 'Pay ins and Payouts'.
  2. Pick a date range and press 'Retrieve'.

    The Pay Ins and Payouts report shows amounts, comments, and more for each of these register actions.

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Are you running into issues while using the register? Check out our Troubleshooting Guide for solutions to common problems.