Pay Ins & Payouts

Perform a pay in any time you need to add money to the drawer while the shift is still open. Do a payout when you have to remove money from the till.

Pay Ins are available in ShopKeep v2.6.4 and above. Click here for help updating ShopKeep.

Table of Contents

Make a Pay In / Payout

Pay Ins and payouts are performed in exactly the same manner. Both are manager functions on your register’s Control Panel.

  1. Sign into ShopKeep as a manager.
  2. Tap the menu icon and choose Pay In / Payout.
  3. Select Pay In, Payout, or another option.
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  4. Payout | Take money from the register for any reason other than the ones listed here.
  5. Pay In | Add more money to the till mid-shift.
  6. For information on Safe Drop, Buy Inventory, and Non-Cash Gratuity visit our Register Control Panel article.

  7. Enter an amount and press 'Continue'.
  8. Log a comment (optional) and tap 'Done'.
  9. Tap 'No Sale' on the Control Panel to open the drawer and add / remove cash.

Pay In / Payout Reporting

Pay Ins and payouts can be found in a few places: the Shifts Summary, Analytics Dashboard, and Z/X Report. Use the Pay Ins and Payouts report in BackOffice to see details for each.

  1. Click 'Analytics'. Then, 'Pay Ins and Payouts'.
  2. Pick a date range and press 'Retrieve'.

    The Pay Ins and Payouts report shows amounts, comments, and more for each of these register actions.

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