Running Sales at the Register

Activate a register license and open a shift so that you can start using the register.

View our Basic Sale and Return video below.

Table of Contents

Running a Sale

Every sale is made up of a few things: the customer’s order, available inventory, and tender(s) the customer is paying with.

1 Tap a button, search by name, or scan an item to add to the sale.


Change Quantity

1 Tap + or to change the quantity, or tap the current quantity, enter the new amount, and press Done to finish.


Choose a Tender

1 Tap a tender to finish the sale.


Subtotal – everything before tax and discounts.

Discounts – Dollar amount or percentage taken off.


Tax – Total tax for the sale (tap to toggle on/off).

Total amount owed by the customer.

Save – Keep a sale open to revisit later.

More – Choose from other active tenders or split among multiple tenders.
Cash – Dollars and cents.
Credit – Swipe Cards with your provider.

Saving a Check

After you have selected the items that you would like to add to the ticket, save the check to tender when the customer is ready to check out. More questions about managing checks? Click here.

1 Tap the Save button.


2 Enter a name or location, then tap Save.


Adjusting Sales

In addition to regular transactions, cashiers can also discount, delete and un-tax sales.

Applying Discounts

Open Amount – Enter a dollar amount.
Open Percentage – Enter a percent to discount.
Named Discount – (“Employee Lunch”) create a custom, pre-set discount.

1 Tap to discount by the line-item,


Or, the overall sale.


Removing Tax

For some sales, you may want to remove the tax for this transaction only.

1 Tap the green check button next to Tax to toggle off or on.


Removing Items

The cashier screen offers options for deleting line items, or discarding the overall sale.

1 Swipe a line-item right to left and tap Delete or Discard to trash the whole sale.


Finish the Sale

Cash – Tell customers the total due, make change, and offer a receipt.


Credit – Swipe, tap, or use Apple Pay to accept the card, add gratuity (optional), sign (on screen or paper), and confirm. For more on credit card processing, check out our Accepting Credit Cards article.


More – Expands options to include Split Tender, or any other active tenders.


Print Check – Get a non-final receipt copy.

Gift Card – Customer pays with a store gift card.
Other – Any alternate tender not built in.
Save – Keep the sale open to revisit later.
Split Tender – Accept up to 9 different payments in one sale.