Split, Merge, and Transfer Checks

Associate employees with individual checks and split, merge or transfer them between cashiers.

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Table of Contents

Employees & Open Checks

When you save an open check, it’ll be assigned to the employee ringing up the sale. Split, Merge, and Transfer allows you to manage sales by splitting checks, merging them, or transferring ownership between employees.

Set Up Employees

Open checks are owned by the employee signed in while ringing up the sale. An account owner can add, edit, or delete employees from the BackOffice.

1 Visit your BackOffice > Staff > Staff List.

2 Choose Add Employee to begin.


3 Add or edit info as needed, and Create.


Save an Open Check

Ring up any sale later by saving it as an Open Check.

1 Add items to a sale and Save.


2 Name the check or leave as Walk-in. Then, click Save.


3 Open Control Panel > Checks to begin managing checks.


Split, Merge, and Transfer Checks

The Checks screen is where you will manage the split, merge, and transfer features.

Split Checks

Split Check allows a cashier to take items from one check and move them on to another one.

1 Tap Select and choose a check.

2 Tap Actions and select Split from the menu.


3a Tap items from the original to move them to the new check.


3b Or, swipe the new split to add another.


4 Press Done in the top right to finish.

The new check(s) will have the same name as the original with a number added to the end.


Merge Checks

Combine separate saved checks into one merged check.

1 Tap Select and choose the checks you’d like to merge.

2 Tap Actions and select Merge from the menu.


3 Save the new merged check.

The time will update to when the check was merged.


Transfer Checks

Transfer ownership of an open check from one employee to another.

1 Tap Select and choose a check.

2 Tap Actions and select Transfer to….


3 Pick an employee to receive the check.


4 Verify the transfer with the receiving employee’s code.


The check now has the new employee’s name attached to it.


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