Inventory Value Report

Find the current inventory quantity, cost, and total value, in the Inventory Value Report accessible from BackOffice. This report has information for both stock items and raw goods.

Table of Contents

  1. Go to 'Analytics'.
  2. Under Inventory, select 'Value'.

Report Details

Toggle between Stock Items and Raw Goods in the Inventory Value Report to see individual items.

The Inventory Value Report can only show the current value. Values for past days cannot be retrieved. If you need the value of your inventory for December 31st, you will need to retrieve this information on December 31st.

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Total value of stock items

Monetary worth of all stock items excluding raw goods.

Total value of raw goods

Monetary worth of all raw goods excluding stock items. This only reflects the last cost entered, not a weighted average.

Total inventory value

Monetary worth of all inventory items based on weighted average cost.

If you do not want to use weighted average cost, follow the steps here to disable the feature.



Name of the item (basic and variant) or raw good.

Quantity on hand

Total quantity in stock.


Cost per item. This is reflected as a weighted average cost of current and received inventory costs.


Total value of item.