Sales by Department

Check out the Sales by Department report to see how each of your departments are doing: which generate the most sales, discounts, returns, and more!

Table of Contents

Getting Started

To get started, navigate to the report and choose a date range.

1 In BackOffice, click Analytics. Then, Sales by Variable.


2 Click the dropdown and select Department.


3 Click the Date icon, choose a preset or custom range, and press Retrieve.


Reading the Report

Bar Charts

The charts at the top show your top 10 best performing departments by quantity sold and total sales amount. Other is a combination of all departments outside the top 10.


Hover over or tap a bar on the graph to see more detail on that department.

Table View

Visit the table view for additional information. Returns, discounts, profit margin… it’s all there. Sort the table by clicking a column header.


Quantity Sold

The total number of items from that department that were sold.

Sales Total

Total sales amount before discounts, returns, gratuity, and tax.

Quantity Returned

The total number of items from that department that were returned.

Returns Total

Total amount refunded before tax, gratuity, and discounts.


The cost of all sold items minus the cost of the returned items.


The discounts on all sold items minus discounts on returns.


Percentage of revenue left after accounting for cost and discounts.

Net Sales

The Sales Total, minus the Returns Total, and minus Discounts.

Filtering the Table View

Filter the table view to hide departments you don’t want to see and compare the ones you’re interested in.

1 Press the Filter button.


2 Type to search.


3 Check / uncheck departments to show or hide them.

Or, use Select All / Clear to show or hide all at once.


Saving & Printing

Print, save, and send your Sales by Department and Item reports.

1 Click Print.


2 Select File from your Browser’s menu and choose Print.


3 Click Save to save a PDF version of the report. Or, click Change… to select a printer and click Print.