Sales by Department Report

Check out the Sales by Department report to see how each of your departments are doing: which generate the most sales, discounts, returns, and more!

Table of Contents

Run the Report

From BackOffice, run the Sales by Department report for an overview of departmental sales activity.

  1. Click 'Analytics' and select 'Departments'.
  2. To change the default view, click the date icon and choose a preset or custom range, then click 'Retrieve'.

Read the Report

Learn how to analyze the Sales by Department report to maximize its data to benefit your business.

Bar Charts

The charts at the top show the top 10 best performing departments by quantity sold & total sales amount.

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  • Hover over or tap a bar on the graph to see more detail on that department.
  • The term Other is a combination of all departments outside the top 10.
  • Table View

    The Table View provides detailed information about departmental sales activity over the selected time frame.

    Click to Enlarge

    Sort the table by clicking any column header with arrows.

    Quantity Sold | The total number of items from that department that were sold.
    Sales Total | Total sales amount before discounts, returns, gratuity, and tax.
    Quantity Returned | The total number of items from that department that were returned.
    Returns Total | Total amount refunded before tax, gratuity, and discounts.
    Costs | The cost of all sold items minus the cost of the returned items. Cost is calculated using the weighted average cost of an item at the time of sale. If you do not want to use weighted average cost, follow the steps here to disable the feature.
    Discounts | The discounts on all sold items minus discounts on returns.
    Margin | Percentage of revenue left after accounting for cost and discounts. Cost is calculated using weighted average cost.
    Net Sales | The Sales Total, minus the Returns Total, and minus Discounts.

    Filter the Table View

    Use the filter tool to hide departments or columns you do not want to see.

    1. Click 'Filter'.
    2. To hide a department, search for it and uncheck the box. To show the department again, recheck the box.

      Use Select All or Clear to show or hide all departments at once.

    3. To hide a table column, click 'Show/Hide Columns' and uncheck a box.

      To show a column, recheck the box.

    Use the Print feature to optimize the report to print from any printer connected to your computer.

    1. Click 'Print'.
    2. Wait for the report to open in a new tab in your browser.
      Click to Enlarge
    3. Select 'File' from your browser’s menu and choose 'Print'.